Just Bakery of Atlanta

Just Bakery of Atlanta is a non-profit designed to train, certify, and hire refugees while providing a living wage, producing delicious baked goods, and building a diverse and compassionate community.  We aim to be a viable option for next steps in the resettlement process through building long-term sustainability and economic security as our refugee neighbors recreate home in the Atlanta area.  

Meet our staff


Bhima, Assistant Kitchen Manager

Bhima is an award-winning Bhutanese dancer, tutors elementary students, started a Nepali soccer team, and hopes to own her own bakery business someday.


Sisto, Baker in Training

Sisto came to the Atlanta area from the Democratic Republic of Congo and is working hard towards his high school diploma. He loves working with people, learning new skills, and baking.


Hayat, Baker in Training

Hayat is originally from Syria and resettled in the Atlanta area with her husband and three teenage children by way of Turkey.  She makes amazing baklava, takes English classes, and enjoys feeding her neighbors and friends.  


Carmel, Baker in Training

Carmel originally called the Democratic Republic of Congo home and found her way to the U.S. from Namibia.  She's a busy mom of two and loves to bake, decorate, sew, and sing.


Mariam, Baker in Training

Mariam is rebuilding home in the Atlanta area after leaving Pakistan with her teenage daughter.  She loves to eat watermelon, spend time with friends, and sing.  Mariam hopes to open her own Pakistani restaurant someday.

Zenaba pic.jpg

Zenaba, Baker in Training

Zenaba was born in Central African Republic and grew up in Chad, where she started a baking business with her mother.  Now she's a busy nursing student who  who also enjoys braiding hair and making cinnamon rolls for her family.


Leah Lonsbury, Executive Director

Leah was raised in the Midwest and found her way to Atlanta to study at Candler School of Theology.  She stayed for the azaleas and the chance to grow into and learn from Atlanta's diverse human family.  Leah has worked in writing, education, and ministry.


Lakeisha Sesay, Retail Training and Sales Manager

Keisha was raised in Georgia and is a first generation born American of Sierra Leonean descent. She brings over 5 years of non-profit experience in management of people, projects, and programs both locally and internationally within the areas of sustainable agriculture, economic empowerment, and refugee resettlement. Keisha enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and being in nature.


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